Over 30 years of supplying quality Expansion Joints & Components to the Process and Power Industry.

Our Commitment to Our Customers:

We are glad that you are considering BraunFlex, LLC, for your needs. As the President of BraunFlex, I want to express my appreciation for your interest and also my commitment to solving your unique problem.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, I understand your needs. You want a solution that is cost effective. You want service that is fast, reliable, and attentive. You want professionalism. You want top quality products, and you want the experience needed to come up with creative, custom solutions to your individual situation.

You are not just another job. You are The Customer. BraunFlex is dedicated to helping you succeed. We have the products, the service, the imagination, and the experience. And we have more:

The Right Size for You: Over the years, our company has grown, absorbing more talent and experience, more creativity, adding new products continually to our offerings. We have the strength of a large company but with the dedication, flexibility, and scrappiness of the small company dedicated to winning your business. Every customer counts. Every job is the most important job.

Experience Across Many Fields: Our experience covers numerous fields: Process Power, Petrochemical, O.E.M, Cement, Military, Marine and many others. We know your business, and we know how to help you succeed. We have all the experts you need: engineering, technical design, manufacturing, and customer care.

Customer-Centered Service: When you contact us, you will be cared for by a specific customer representative. These service representatives are chosen for their experience, their creativity, and their dedication. Our representative will walk you through the entire project from start to finish and will make sure that you walk away from the experience confident and satisfied.

On-Time Guarantee: We commit to delivering on time. Simple as that. If we don't make our schedule, we will pay the freight.

Finding Solutions That Fit Your Budget: We understand that in industry, there is no such thing as money is no object. We understand that every operation has a budget and needs to do a lot with a little. Over the years, we've focused a lot of energy on finding the most cost-effective solutions to a multitude of problems.

We are eager to assist you.